Unity Luxury Home Bamboo Memory Foam Cluster Filled Pillow w/Carrying Bag (Jumbo Standard 28" x 16" (2 Pack))

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Size: Jumbo Standard 28" x 16" (2 PACK)

Unity-Frankford brings you our Memory Foam Cluster Filled Pillows w/ Carrying Bag at an Affordable Price! 

Treat yourself to a memory foam pillow for a better sleep tonight. Sleep, we all need it, but many of us don't get as much rest as we need. That is why it is import to increase the quality of the sleep we do get. We here at Unity-Frankford have designed a pillow that does just that. Our pillow can help to releive Snoring, Insomnia, Asthma, Migraines, TMJ, and Neck Pains. our Pillow has a Bamboo Cover complete with cool comfort technology to help you stay asleep and minimize the number of times you flip your pillow at night. We also opted for memory foam cluster filling as this type of filling is more flexible then stadard memory foam and will give you that sleeping on a cloud feeling we all dream of. Also included is our signature carrying bag. This bag is attractive and makes transporting your pillow a snap. This case also helps to make our pillow the perfect gift for your loved ones. Make an investment in you and your sleep today sweet dreams are just a click away!

This memory foam pillow is an uncompromising combination of quality and affordability

Unity-Frankford offers high quality housewares at affordable prices. We pride ourselves on bringing our customers great quality at a great price.

  • Unity Luxury Home Meomory Foam Cluster Filled Pillow w/ Carrying Bag
  • Comfortable Bamboo Cover With Memory Foam Cluster Filling
  • Helps Relieve Snoring, Neck Pain, Insomnia, TMJ, Asthma, and Migraines
  • Cool Comfort Technology Reduces Pillow Flipping
  • Convenient Carrying Bag For On The Go Or Gifting
  • Unity-Frankford Quality, Designed in Philadelphia, PA

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