SunTal Ultimate Comfort Travel Pillow + Eye Mask – Prevent Neck Pain – Memory Foam Pillow, Perfect for Airplane, Train, Bus, Car Travel – Full 360 Head & Neck Support (Blue)

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Color: Blue

Travel comes with plenty of stresses. Getting enough sleep shouldn’t be one of them.

The last thing you want to deal with when you’re travelling for work or pleasure is neck pain. But, even if you manage to drown out the crying babies and seat kickers, without a good neck pillow the sleep you’ll get comes with unpleasant consequences. That’s where SunTal comes in, ready to save the day and help you finally catch some z’s stiff neck free!

Your journey just got a whole lot shorter.

SunTal gives you the power to sleep through almost anything, so you’ll wake up at your destination feeling refreshed and ready to hit the ground running! No matter your mode of transportation, you trip will fly by now that you can sleep soundly along the way.

Everything you never knew a pillow could be (and more)!

This isn’t your average travel pillow. This is a pillow that’s designed to fit your fast-paced lifestyle. It rolls down into a super compact size, so you can stuff it anywhere. It also plays friendly with headsets, and comes with a phone pocket to keep your smartphone safe and secure as you catch up on sleep.

Smart features meet therapeutic support for 360 degree ergonomic perfection. Your memory foam pillow starts reducing muscle tension, fatigue, and stress the moment you slip it around your neck. We’ve thought of everything, so you can wave goodbye to that chatty neighbor, slip on your headset, and drift away to your happy place.It’s time for a cool pillow that stays cool.

It’s hard enough to get comfortable when you’re stuck with minimal leg room in a small, stiff seat. That’s where SunTal comes in. Our thermo-sensitive memory foam and super soft velour cover are ultra breathable, so your neck pillow stays at the ideal temperature – even through 24 hour travel days.

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