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The "Miracle Knee Pillow"

Soft Memory Foam Knee Support

Today, I'm offering you my overstocked "My Comfort, Miracle Knee Pillow" by Contour Products.  They've done a great job with this.  It's a very comfortable and gentle memory foam lower-body sleeping support aide.  The My Comfort folks have said that people who sleep on their sides can get a lot of relief from their product.  Agreed!  Of course, anyone can benefit from this pillow. Here are a few of the knee support pillow's key features:

  • Med professionals, including chiropractors, tell us to create good habits to help get that alignment right.  Here's some help so we can finally get that back and knee positioning right.

  • Doesn't get hot & uncomfortable like many other memory foam products do.

  • Works quickly.  I felt the difference right away.

  • You can wash the outside covering.

  • Not too big and bulky. Fits just right.

It's easy to tuck it away when you wake up, or use it to snuggle up, pain-free while watching t.v., or a movie. We all know how important it is to get really comfortable during this stay-at-home situation.  This marvelous product will help you get more comfortable!

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(Personally, it's less much less stressful for me to know my items will be shipped to me from a business that is committed to each individual customer, and the quality of their products and packaging, rather than to co-mingle with crowds of people anonymously, in the superstores.)

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***Note:  We do not own the "My C-mfort" or "Miracle K -- Pill-w" design.  We do not claim to have created, nor owned, at any time, any design elements or intellectual property relating to the design.  We are a discount resale business.  Photos are of actual product our buyers will receive.  All images above are photos of actual product for sale, taken by Geena's Finds staff.  Thanks!***