Kally Sleep Cooling Pillow - Dupont Hollowfibre - 74cm x 45cm

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The Cooling Pillow features air-vents, an air-permeable inner foam layer, surrounded by a cool layer of high quality Dupont hollowfibre filling which is designed to keep the body at optimal temperature during sleep. The 100% cotton cover absorbs minimal heat and works to regulate surface temperature.  The inner foam layer has elastic flexibility which moulds to your head and neck to alleviate discomfort and improve spinal alignment. 

  • Filled with foam core and Dupont hollowfibre 
  • Breathable cotton outer layer keeps you perfectly cool
  • Walled meshed sides
  • Ideal for back or side sleepers
  • Easy clean – Pillow is machine washable
  • Premium quality – Made in the UK
  • Hypoallergenic head support pillow
  • Firmness = medium firm


  • Fluff and plump by hand regularly
  • Pillow wash at 40°C and dry naturally on a flat surface
  • Pillow material – Polycotton
  • Filling – Temperature regulating filling & Hollowfibre
  • Dimensions – 75cm x 45cm x 10cm
  • Weight – 850g