Gorget by Castle - Soft Memory Foam Travel Pillow - Neck Pillow with 360 Degree Support for Head and Neck (Royal Blue)

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Color: Navy

The Gorget Memory Foam Neck Support Pillow By Castle.

"Imagination Is King."

Greetings, People of The Realm!

We would like to offer aid in your quest for the right travel-sized neck support pillow. Armour your neck with the Gorget. The best pillow for neck pain! The Gorget Neck Support Pillow is fit for all necks of the kingdom from villagers to royalty, even thick dwarven necks. Whether you rule your kingdom from a throne forged from the weapons of your enemies, flying 40,000 feet above on a commercial airliner, or even from an office chair stationed at your command center, the Gorget will support and fortify your neck.

This memory foam pillow is your neck guardian, defending against all manner of neck afflictions and dark magic. Deluxe, 350g high density memory foam never forgets to support your every need. The Gorget is perfect for travel, home, and office: an adjustable strap ensures a secure fit to any neck. 100% polyester outer cover, white mesh inner shell, and quality memory foam help the Gorget weather the passing of ages. The machine washable removable cover keeps things fresh enabling you to erase stains, sweat, spills, and other mishaps. When not in use, compress the neck pillow by simply rolling it up and securing the buckle.


  • Best for Folks Who Seek Optimal 360 Degree Support
  • Soft Memory Foam Neck Pillow That Takes the Strain Away from Your Shoulders
  • Orthopedic and Ergonomic Design to Provide Optimal Comfort, at any Altitude
  • Fully Machine Washable with a Removable Zipper, 100% Vegan Cation Sport Fabric Cover, and Memory Foam Insert
  • Adjustable Strap Holds the Gorget in Place, Regardless of Turbulence or Strife
  • Easily Rolled up and Condensed Into Provided Travel Bag
  • Small Business Located in Oregon, USA