Bamboo Memory Foam Neck ROLL Pillow - Designed to Improve Sleep; Relieve Neck

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  • ✅HEALTHIER SLEEP MEANS HEALTHIER LIFE: You deserve to have some relief from pain and better sleep! We can’t promise our pillow will take all of your pain away or make you sleep perfectly – however, if used correctly we guarantee you will feel better and sleep more soundly.
  • ✅CHIROPRACTIC STYLE BENEFITS: Our bamboo memory foam core contours beautifully to support your neck maintaining the proper alignment of your spine and neck as you sleep. Our innovative bolster pillow provides the structure you need to promote a natural sleep position. You’ll sleep peacefully and wake feeling refreshed!
  • ✅LUMBAR ROLL FOR BACK SUPPORT: Who doesn’t feel tense and stressed after a long day at work or taking care of the home! Well try propping our pillow at the base of your spinal column while sitting in your chair, recliner or sofa when you get home to relieve lower cervical aches and pain to help unwind.
  • ✅THE BEST BACK SLEEPER PILLOW: If you sleep on your back, this is the most comfortable headrest pillow. You will find the log shape is absolutely perfect if you suffer from neck, back or shoulder pain whether it is from stress or injury. Are you a side sleeper? Not to worry, hug the pillow between your knees and gain better spinal alignment.
  • ✅PERFECT PILLOW FOR BED, CHAIRS, COUCH, AND TRAVEL: With its exceptional shoulder and neck tension relief, you’ll reach for this pillow time after time. Take with you on trips and buy several for home, office, gym and car.

It’s plush and cushy while maintaining strength to perfectly support your neck during sleep, your back while sitting or to elevate your legs while reclining or sleeping. There are times in our lives when we need extra assistance to be comfortable. If you’re post-surgery, pregnant or you’re a hard-core back sleeper, invest in this memory foam pillow. It’ll be the one you use every night and will swear you can’t live without.

The zippered cover is luxurious, cool and a smart choice as a pillow covering! Bamboo is one of the planet’s best materials because it’s highly sustainable with its super-fast growth with minimal water and the fibers are lush! It’s a fabric that allows air to flow freely so you’ll always feel comfortable, even when resting on it for hours. The 40% bamboo and 60% polyester cover is removable and machine washable.

Orthopedists, dentists and neurosurgeons often recommend this roll style pillow to relieve ailments from TMJ to cervical issues. Choose wisely because it’s the structure and support doctors state is necessary. If the pillow is too soft, it’s not supportive. If it’s too rigid, it causes more pain and agony. You need the right balance and we’ve perfected this science! Our memory foam is dense enough to provide support, yet soft enough to be comfortable.

Improve your health by relieving neck and shoulder pain and strain and enjoy the most relaxing times of your life! This pillow needs to be behind your neck or under your knees while you sleep and under your legs or behind your back while you sit, so purchase several to fully support your body and enjoy your best sleep and relaxation!