19 Momme Silk Pillow Case Beauty Sleep Gift Set - White and Pink

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100% Pure and Organic Mulberry Silk Pillowcase – 19 Momme Beauty Sleep Gift Set

Pillowcase: Housewife Style (without borders)

Size: 50cm x 75cm (20" x 30") - Envelope construction

Silk Weight: 19 momme (both sides)

Pillowcase Colour: Ivory White

Eyemask Colour: Blush Pink

Packaging: Beauty Box Gift Packaging & Care Instructions

Shipping: Royal Mail 1st Class - Dispatched within 24 hours


Our ultimate gift set, the beauty sleep collection combines our popular and elegant ivory white silk pillowcase with a wonderfully comfortable silk eyemask. Great night's sleep guaranteed! 

Presented in an attractive, durable gift box and carefully wrapped in delicate protective tissue, our silk pillowcase gift set makes the perfect gift for yourself or others.

Designed for the ultimate luxury sleeping experience, our pillowcases utilise a charmeuse weave for a soft and satin feel with a beautiful glossy sheen. Its high grade 19 momme mulberry silk adjusts to the temperature of your body and is also naturally hypoallergenic.

Our luxurious and soft handmade silk eye masks are filled with mulberry silk floss covered in soft and smooth 100% finest 19 momme charmeuse silk for a superbly comfortable fit. It gently caresses the delicate skin around the eye area whilst blocking out unwanted light – enhancing your beauty regime day or night!

Silk products are valued for their health and beauty benefits. Thanks to its high protein content, silk does not absorb moisture from the skin and hair, preventing wrinkles and keeping hair glossy.

Why Silk?


·         100% Natural

Silk is a natural textile woven from the protein chains of the silk worm cocoon. These silk worms are raised in captivity and fed harvested mulberry leaves to ensure the finest silk fabric can be created. This environment is free predators, removing the need for harsh pesticides, such as those used in cotton production.

Unlike cotton (which is an absorbent fibre and draws moisture), silk will not absorb natural oils or beauty creams from your face and hair while you sleep.

·         Prevents Hair and Skin Damage

Silk is very smooth and the weaves are much tighter than you will find with other textiles. This means your hair will have fewer split ends and broken hair strands along with less pulling and stress on hair roots. 

·         Ideal for Hair Extensions

Silk provides a low friction surface that helps prevent the matting and snagging of hair fibres, keeping your hair extensions looking good for longer. 

·         Superior Temperature regulation

Silk is an excellent heat regulator, helping to maintain the correct body temperature during sleep. It does not conduct heat or static electricity like other fabrics. Heat is retained during cold temperatures and redundant heat is shed during warm temperatures, keeping your skin cool in the summer and warm in the winter.

·         Naturally Hypoallergenic

Silk is naturally hypoallergenic, making it a must for allergy sufferers - especially those with eczema - helping sensitive, dry or itchy skin. 



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